Universal Gutter Guard



Universal Gutter Guard is the first gutter protection system that was designed with a chassis that allows for different types of screens to be used. There are many homes where a micromesh gutter guard is the best solution and we offer this option. However, there are many environments where a micro-expanded aluminum gutter guard is a preferred solution because screen clogging pollen is a concern. Well, we offer this option as well. Finally, there are many times where one home needs 2 or even 3 different screens to address their gutter protection needs and that’s what makes Universal Gutter Guard the industry-leading choice.

Universal Gutter Guard not only allows a contractor to carry one product that can serve all of their customers, but homeowners are finally able to have a custom-tailored solution for the unique set of circumstances that they have in their neighborhood.

Interchangeable Screen lnserts:

 “The 42”

Our micro-mesh screen offering made of an expanded 3003 series aluminum that is covered with a 440 micron stainless steel mesh.


“The Grate”
Made of 3003H14, .024″ thick, un-flattened, .125″SWD x .250LWD aluminum and developed in response to the demand for limiting the amount of fine organic matter from entering the gutter system in high pollen environments.


“High Flow”
Made of 3003H14, .024″ thick, un-flattened, .375SWD x .625LWD aluminum and provides for either a stand-alone solution or can be targeted for areas of the gutter systern that receive high volumes of water.

lnstallation Highlights

  • Pre-drilled holes for easy installation
  • Chassis is sloped to a 7″ angle
  • Heat Cable compatible
  • Pre-fabricated end caps and dams